Bicyclists Are Very Venerable In Traffic

Bicyclists Are Very Venerable In Traffic

Bicyclists are killed in accidents with motor vehicles every day, and almost half of those wrongful deaths are suffered by children under the age of 16. Even if the bicyclists survives the crash, the difference in weight and momentum between the bicycle and a car or truck results in catastrophic injuries that may involve brain damage, internal injuries, multiple fractures and paralysis. The life of the bicyclist and that of the family will be forever changed. The bicycle accident lawyers in our law firm are compassionate and understanding of the requirements of those injured in bicycle accidents, and is aggressive in pursuit of justice on behalf of their clients injured in bicycle collisions.accident injury lawyers

Who is responsible for the accident?

A driver can be held legally responsible if the driver failed to act reasonably in operating the motor vehicle. That is, if the driver did not use the level of skill and caution a reasonably prudent person would use in a similar situation, then that driver should compensate the person injured for the injuries and damages suffered in the accident.

Because driving is so heavily regulated, having laws attached to nearly every move a driver makes the doctrine of negligence frequently arise in the context of motor vehicle accidents. This doctrine holds that someone who violates the law, and in the process of doing so causes an injury the law was designed to prevent, is negligent. However, many times the driver of a motor vehicle will attempt to shift the blame of the collision to the bicycle rider, stating the bicycle rider acted reckless or careless therefore causing the accident. Our bicycle accident attorneys will conduct a complete investigation, consulting with a team of top investigators and accident reconstructionists to determine who is responsible for the accident and identify the cause of the accident.

Compensation for injuries and damages

When you or a loved one has been injured in a bicycle collision, you are facing many financial burdens. The expert injury accident lawyers in our law firm work with the necessary experts to determine the value of your claim to achieve compensation for your current and future medical bills, the wages you have lost and income you could lose due to your injuries or disability, pain and suffering, and other accident related damages. Our expert bicycle accident attorneys are tenacious in their goal to attain the maximum compensation for your injuries and damages.

Call the bicycle accident lawyers in our office to discuss your claim and find out how we can help you get what you need for today and the rest of your life. More on this website

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