The Importance of Surge Protection on Your Main Switchboard

The Importance of Surge Protection on Your Main Switchboard – Call Us Today

The main switchboard of your business is imperative to the operation of your business. If your switchboard receives a surge of power that is more volts than the switchboard can handle, you risk losing power to your business.Electricians San Antonio Good Electric

A home’s switchboard is technically the fuse or circuit box, and it’s at risk of blowing if electricity surges through the circuits at a higher rate than the box can handle. To prevent a loss of power from a damaged switchboard or fuse box, let an electrician install a surge protector.

Remember that the more powerful your switchboard, the more powerful your surge protection must be to adequately protect your power supply.

What Is a Surge of Electricity?

You’ve probably heard the terms power surge and surge protector, but what exactly is a power surge?

A surge is technically any pulse of energy that suddenly hits your electrical system. It often spikes your electrical wires, sometimes causing the power to shut off. A surge can occur from a lightning strike, even one that is quite a distance away, or main lines suddenly becoming unbalanced and causing a spike in energy.

Sometimes surges that cause you to lose your power happens after a big power outage occurs and the energy kicks back on quickly and overloads the switchboard. Unless you are monitoring your switchboard constantly, you will need surge protection if you don’t want to lose power during sudden surges.

What Will Surge Protection on the Main Switchboard Do?

There are two main types of surge protection devices. The first is the kind that must be installed by a commercial electrician. The electrician installs these devices directly at your switchboard and they offer the ultimate in protection against power outages due to surges.

There are also plug-in devices that you can use for smaller power sources like fuse boxes that install near your equipment. With a huge commercial switchboard, it’s best to have layered surge protection.

This means that you have a commercial electrician in  install the main surge protection directly onto the switchboard. This type of surge protection can affect your main and ground wiring, so you’re sure to be covered in all areas.

The electrician can then use plug-in protectors with smaller pieces of equipment throughout your business. By layering your surge protection this way, you increase the chance of being fully protected, even during heavy surges that come with lightning strikes.

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