Understanding More About the Invisalign Retainer

Good looks are important to everyone. In particular we tend to place a lot of stock in having a nice smile. We notice it in other people and we like to have the best possible smile we can have for ourselves as well. Unfortunately if you have crooked teeth getting in the way it can be a real disappointment and a reason to feel self conscious. But an Invisalign retainer could change all that.orthodontists

So what’s an Invisalign retainer then – isn’t it just another set of braces?

Not at all – and you’ll see the difference if you see a close up picture of what an Invisalign retainer looks like.

Let’s face it, braces are pretty ugly looking. If you’re wearing some and you open your mouth to smile, everyone will know you’re wearing them. It’s why plenty of people who wear braces have perfected the art of smiling with their mouth closed!

Wouldn’t it feel a whole lot better to act naturally and wear a set of aligners that no one can see? It might sound impossible but it’s not if you opt for the Invisalign retainer.

So is this just another method of getting straighter teeth?</.h3>

Yes it is. It’s worth bearing in mind that you’ll need to have a proper consultation with your dentist to see whether you’re suitable to wear the Invisalign aligners. While they are suitable for lots of people, braces may prove more worthwhile in some cases. But thousands of people have already got the teeth – and the smile – they want, thanks to this type of retainer. So it’s definitely worth considering it if you’re not happy about your teeth.Invisalign

An Invisalign Retainer vs normal braces

If you’ve ever seen anyone wearing a brace you will know how visible they are. It’s no wonder people get very self conscious wearing them, because everyone can see them. They’re also attached to the teeth and have metal and wires as part of the design. This means they can be uncomfortable and irritating and make the wearer feel very awkward when smiling or talking to other people.

You don’t get any of this with a Invisalign retainer. The retainer is designed to be virtually invisible. Indeed lots of people in all walks of life choose Invisalign because it is very difficult for other people to even tell they’re wearing it. Even if they do notice, the Invisalign retainer doesn’t stand out anywhere near as much as braces do. If it is important to you that you should keep your teeth straightening process as secret as possible, Invisalign can help vastly in this way. clear braces

Of course you have to weigh up the potential cost of using the invisalign system and whether you can afford it. But the results more than speak for themselves when you read the positive reviews Invisalign has gotten from happy customers so far. Braces may work but they’re not the most comfortable or aesthetic way to get straighter teeth. An Invisalign retainer could be the best answer for you.

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